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Steven Leimberg

Freelancing Web Developer, Photographer, and SEO Specialist
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Little Rock, Arkansas


As a Lead Developer, my job was to continually learn new rapid development technologies and methodologies to build search engine optimized websites that were beautiful, easy to use, responsive, performant, full of meta data, semantic, and html web standards compliant. I also encouraged my team to utilize these new technologies and processes in order to optimize our development workflow. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and friends, tinkering on a personal projects, getting outdoors, and even occationally laying in my hammock.


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HTML5 CSS3 PHP JavaScript SASS Bash Script SQL LESS Java Python C/C++ Processing VBScript Ruby

Familiar Software:

WordPress Foundation 5 & 6 Linux Git Gulp Slack Apache MySQL Xdebug KCachegrind Mac OSX Windows FileZilla NPM Eclipse Jenkins CI Grunt Bower Maven

Familiar Web Services:

W3C HTML Validator Bitbucket Github Google SDTT Google PSI cPanel New Relic Amazon EC2 Route 53 GoDaddy Rackspace Function Point


Lead Developer

From: Jan. 2013 - Present.
I developed leadership skills from directing, educating, and assisting interns, part time employees, and my fellow coworkers. I mastered custom Wordpress theme and plugin development, the utilization of performance web technologies, responsive web design strategies, meta data markup, and symantic markup. Check out some of my work.


From: May 2012 - Aug. 2012
I was exposed to scrum/agile development methodologies, and recieved on the job experience with: C++, Java, Subversion, googletest, Jenkins CI, zeroMQ, Maven, Eclipse, FileZilla, Windows and Linux.

President & Founder

Of: SML Tech Services, LLC
From: Mar. 2012 - Present
My LLC has taught me small business management & finance (to stay legal and up to date on my taxes), and has sharpended my DNS configuration, Web Hosting administration, and LAMP stack administration skills.

Systems Administrator

From: Feb. 2010 - Dec. 2012
I learned how to install, maintain, and troubleshoot all technology for the department including: 200+ computers, 50+ laptops, 15+ servers, 10+ printers, 5+ projectors, 4+ HD remote webcams, and 4 half racks of audio and video equipment. I was also in charge of password removal, registry hacking, RAID management, HDD imaging, virus & malware removal, inventory, and finally VMWare & RDP support. During my last year at UALR I trained and educated my assistant on all of these responsibilities.


  • Bachelors in Information Science from in 2014.
  • High School Diploma from in 2008.

#Recent Accomplishments

  • Speaker at the 2015 Spring and Summer East Conferences on Arduino - Real World Applications and Uses
  • BSA 2015 President's Marketing Awards Best Website for
  • UALR Information Science Dept. Outstanding Sophomore - May 2011

Last Updated January 29th, 2017