ASMSA Class of 2008

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All In one Place

In order to preserve the history of my ASMSA family I have decided to collect as much media as I can from that time and share it here.

Bill Clinton Keynote Address at ASMSA 2007 Graduation


Dance Compilation pt. 1

i just threw all the lil videos of ppl dancing that i had. ofcourse joe is almost half the video lol…

Posted by Imran Adamu on Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ASMSA SpinRace 2007

ASMSA Valentines Day 2007

ASMSA Step Show 2007

ASMSA Open Mic Night 2007 – Imran, Hamza, and Joe

The threesome being all seductive and stuff and looking like starburst. Silly boys.

ASMSA Open Mic Night 2007 – Bohemian Rhapsody

ASMSA Commercial

Television commercial for the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences & the Arts.

FMA 2008 – Cat Style

Gatorade Parody (For SEC)

Gatorade Parody

gatorade parody for SEC…too funny…

Posted by Imran Adamu on Friday, February 15, 2008

Subananainal (Sublymonal Advertising for SEC)

A Masterful Rendition of the Sprite Sublymonal Advertising Campaign by talented actors and producers. Obviously these fine young men and women deserve massive amounts of extra credit for their hard work.

Procrastination (In Camera Edit)

This project was designed so that there was no editing time given. This video was done by Drew Hays and Christian Finn.

Wishing it was Solitaire (In Camera Edit)

This was an assigned project where the entire film had to be filmed in camera with no computer editing. There were some issues with not pressing the record button when we wanted to/ pressing it when we didn’t want to. It was planned, directed, and filmed by Maija Wallace and Josh Watson. The actors involved are: Aly Kieber-Emmons, Michael Bridges, Harry Hull, and Steven Leimberg.

Class of 2008 Senior Slideshow

The senior slideshow that was shown at the ASMSA graduation in Hot Springs, AR.
Songs : Stop and Stare – OneRepublic
Superman – Lazlo Bane