BSA Quapaw Area Council

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I have to admit, as an Eagle Scout, I was pretty excited to start working on the Quapaw Area Council website back in October of 2014. When representatives from QAC first came to Matmon they had a website that they attempted to build themselves. This website served its purpose but was becoming difficult for them to manage and maintain. Also, although it mirrored the organization structure of the more well-known website, this structure wasn’t suiting their specific needs. They needed our help.

Since I have a background with the organization I worked closely with Matmon’s Creative Director, Aaron, to better organize the content and information. From there, he built designs around this structure. Part of these designs included an interactive map of Arkansas using Imagemapster that shows which Arkansas state counties belong to which BSA districts and allows users to navigate directly to that district’s information page. We also helped aggregate and organize all of their district contacts into a new custom post type, which allows them to display a contact’s information in multiple places, while only maintaining a single record.

I felt quite proud knowing I had helped create something that was going to help a lot of parents and scouts, by providing a centralized location for QAC news and information. Screenshot of the Homepage

Quapaw BSA Website Homepage Screenshot Quapaw BSA Website Districts Page Screenshot Quapaw BSA Website Crowleys Ridge District Page Screenshot Quapaw BSA Website Contacts Page Screenshot Quapaw BSA Website Burns Park Hiking Trail Patch Page Screenshot