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Hello Charleston, South Carolina!

If you are looking for a talented Charleston Web Developer, Photographer, and SEO Specialist, then look no further. My name is Steven Leimberg, and I can help you with any of your website related needs. Don’t believe me, check out my work and resume. Otherwise feel free to peruse my blog, projects, or how to articles.

For those that don’t know me, I just moved here to Charleston, South Carolina with my girlfriend Suzy from Keystone, Colorado. She is now managing a T-shirt store called Shirt Off My Back downtown on Market Street. As initial income, I have started working at Henry’s across the street. The schedule for this position is flexible, so as I rev up SMLTS again, I can back down on working at Henry’s. I’m looking to pick up at least 10hrs of work per week right now distributed across a few accounts. I’m currently still working with a long time client of mine, Tammy Sue. Her soap business is flourishing and the sales from her website continue to roll in. Although I appreciate her continued business, I am excited to start helping local businesses here in Charleston build their web presence and flourish online.

Now I’m a Full Stack Charleston Web Developer!

Below are some of the services I offer as a Charleston Web Developer. Learn more about my services here.

  • Content Production
  • Host Management
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development ( PHP, JS, HTML, CSS )

If you are interested in working with a Charleston Web Developer contact me via this form.