Homemade Projector

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When I first started working at UALR, one of my first assignments was to tear down, relocate & rebuild an old networking lab. In the process of doing so I stumbled upon some old overhead projectors that the school planned to get rid of. I asked my boss if I could take one home and he happily obliged. Thus the creation process began.

After looking around my room I realized I had an old LCD monitor with a dead backlight and had an ingenious idea. What if I could take the LCD display and place it on the overhead projector and essentially create a more modern projector with VGA hookup? So I took apart the LCD monitor and separated the actual LCD from the rest of the monitor and mounted it on top of the overhead. I attached the LCD power supply, VGA hookup, and control buttons on the outer surface of the overhead and now have a working projector. This projector isn’t super bright and I have to turn the lights out to use it, but hey I can’t complain about a free projector.

I have recently attached some USB speakers to the projector thus making it an ideal theater projector for an audience of about 20 people. Honestly I don’t use it very often but when I do, I’m glad I have it. I hope this comes in handy and maybe even help America become a little less wasteful. Be creative & don’t let this world go to waste.

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