My Custom All-in-one Desktop

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In this project I revamped and reshaped an old HP Pavilion ze4200. Before the transformation the 4200 had a dead battery, a dead 2.5″ 20gb IDE HDD, and only 128mb of DRR laptop memory. After replacing the HDD with a newer 40gb drive I had lying around, and two 256mb sticks of DDR ram from eBay for only $8, the 4200 is running Ubuntu Linux rather smoothly. However, since I didn’t want to dump $60 into a refurbished battery and it needed to be plugged in constantly, it basically became a desktop and a space hog on my workbench. If I couldn’t get a new battery, then I could at least attempt to save some space on my workbench. I decided that I wanted to try to turn the laptop into an all in one desktop computer.

After taking the laptop apart I figured out how I wanted to accomplish this daunting task. I removed the keyboard and touchpad and placed the LCD screen on top of the laptop so that the display was facing upward away from the other hardware. I then rerouted the power and media buttons so that they were easily accessible from the top of the laptop, or front of the all in 1. I then hot glued everything in place, including an old LCD monitor stand to the bottom of the laptop, or rear of the all in 1. After the changes I tested the machine and found that everything still worked as it should. A pic of the all in 1 can be seen above. All I had to do was use a USB mouse and keyboard to control the machine, plug it in, and it was ready to go. I still use it as a test environment for the different themes and login screens that I create for Ubuntu and to test my Flash Knife‘s Multiboot environment, however I have since created a few more all in 1 desktops of this nature and tend to use them since they have better hardware specs. All in all I am rather proud of it since it was one of my first “intense” computer hardware mods and it turned out great.