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Play the Pokemon Drinking Game online below, or in a new window. If you don’t know how to play, read the instructions below.

How To Play the Pokemon Drinking Game:

Either play the Pokemon Drinking Game online above, or in a new window in a modern browser that supports CSS3 transforms and transitions.

Enter Player Names and Select Starter Pokemon:

When the Pokemon Drinking Game game starts you are presented with a simple form that allows you to enter player names and select starter Pokemon for each player. For simplicity, this game only tracks the tokens of 9 players. When you are finished adding players click “Play”. The window should zoom in on the center tile, and display a set of controls/buttons along the bottom.

Read The Instructions:

Read everything in the center tile. It lists the rules for the game and details how trainer battles work. Follow the rules you want, and ignore the ones you despise.

Playing the game:

  • Press the s key or click player 1’s name in the control bar to view player 1’s token.
  • Press the e key or press the “Roll” button to roll a D6. (you can also enter values manually including negative values for certain events or if using real dice).
  • Press the w key to move the current player the “rolled” number of spaces.
  • Follow the instructions on the tile.
  • Press the d key or the > button in the control bar to switch to the next character.
  • Repeat steps 5 – 8 until everyone is drunk or someone wins.
  • You can also interact with the board by clicking directly on tiles. I find it useful to navigate using this method in combination with the “Overview” button.

Some History:

Back in 2014, I was at a party with some great friends, and someone found this image of a Pokemon Drinking Game online. We all wanted to play, but since we didn’t have a physical board with tokens to mark our places we all had to simply remember where we were on the board, which while tipsy can prove to be quite the challenge. I hope you never roll two 6’s after taking a ride on the S.S.Anne. After leaving the party having had a blast playing this game with my friends I decided to take this game to the next level.

There are a number of board designs floating around the internet. Here’s the board I used:

Pokemon Drinking Game Board

My goal with this project was to build a web friendly version of the game that tracked player positions with digital tokens. At the time I was into impress.js and decided that it was a cool and mostly intuitive way for users to interact with the board and view specific tiles. I added controls and started to incorporate the rules of each tile into the game, but decided that adding said rules would make it inflexible and not much fun (since the game would basically play itself). Instead, I simply added in the “Gold Squares” rule which stops a given player at each golden square as the pass no matter their roll. This enables users to play their way.

It’s Open Source:

Currently, I have this repo hosted on Bitbucket. Feel free to fork and make pull requests.

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