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Tags: , , , , was another big data project of mine from around March 2014 until May of 2015 while working at Matmon. This company provides mobile users with an app that blocks calls from known telemarketers and warns users if they receive spam or debt collection calls. They collect a lot of data from their users that they wanted to display and utilize it on their website. Our job at Matmon was to find ways to organize and cleanse this data on a regular basis and display this information to upwards of 1000 concurrent users on their high traffic website. This website also provided web users with a phone number lookup tool that showed users any data or information Privacystar had on a particular phone number. This project was written in plain PHP, utilized Memcached for object caching across virtual servers, and did not utilize a CMS like WordPress. The following screenshots were obtained from, the Internet archive. The date these screenshots were taken from was December 18th, 2014. Screenshot of the Homepage

Privacystar Homepage Screenshot Privacystar Area Codes In 200s Lookup Page Screenshot Privacystar Area Code 214 Series Prefixes Lookup Page Screenshot Privacystar Reverse Phone Number Lookup 713-489-7846 Page Screenshot