Tammy Sue’s Critters

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While living in Little Rock, Arkansas I worked with Tammy and Bob Pope to develop their website tammysuescritters.com. Instead of being paid directly, we bartered. I provided some of my website services in exchange for some of her products from time to time. This site was largely pro-bono, but I’m still proud to have helped.

Living our dream, sustaining our life, selling soap and such!

Tammy’s website is focused on selling her homemade products. Her products are produced right on her farm using goat’s milk and bee’s wax collected right on her farm. She sells soap, lotion, lip balm, body butter and more. You should head over to her site and check it out!

UPDATE – 01/05/2018

As of today, I have updated Tammy’s site from her old custom Twentythirteen Child Theme to a new Twentyseventeen Child Theme. I think it’s much more aesthetically appealing and I’ve fixed a few minor bugs as well. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

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