Ubuntu Login GDM

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Ubuntu Login GDM

This is a login screen I created for Ubuntu that I am rather proud of. It is coded in XML, and the SVG files were provided by FrozenTheaterD from DeviantArt. I created this login screen simply because I didn’t like the standard Ubuntu GDMs. I had been using login screens that people had posted to Gnome-Look.org but after searching for a while and not finding anything there or anywhere else, I decided I would make my own.

First I made several simplistic login screens to get my hands dirty with the XML. . Now I just needed to figure out what I wanted my login screen to look like. This was a bit of a problem, since I am not particularly artistic. I tried converting some images I liked into SVG files by hand, but that didn’t turn out to my liking. Then I decided I could probably find some GDM concepts online. After scrounging around for a while, I stumbled upon FrozenTheaterD’s Ubuntu design concepts and among them was a login screen that I came to fall in love with. I shot him an email & asked if he could send me the svg file in exchange for having a functional GDM. He agreed & the rest was programming. I am particularly proud of the fact that my GDM looks good on any screen size or ratio (or at least it should).

Although Ubuntu no longer supports the use of GDM’s (which is something I am rather upset about), I am still proud of my work. If you would like to download it and give it a try, head over to my Deviant Art page & check it out.

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