Victorinox Flash Knife With Syslinux Bootloader

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The Flash Knife


This is one of my “creations” that I use most often. The knife pictured in the gallery above was bought about 5 or 6 years ago on one of my many school trips around the country. This knife is a Victorinox brand “Flash Knife” that can be bought at As you can see in the picture above, this particular flash knife originally came with only 128mb of flash memory which was plenty until I started using it as a multiboot drive. Since then I have “upgraded” the amount of memory to 4gb using a small PNY drive and 4 HDD jumpers. The jumpers are placed behind the PNY drive to keep it from being pushed back into the flash compartment and are there just in case I need them to fix a master slave issue on a computer. I use this knife for almost any and all of my Sysadmin needs. I use the knife, scissors, nail file, flat head screwdriver, pen, and LED for their obvious uses. The Flash drive however isn’t just used to store my personal data.

The MultiBoot Menu

I use this drive as a multiboot drive to fix computers that have suffered from software failure, OS failure, and viruses. Using Unetbootin and Syslinux bootlader examples I have learned how to make a visual boot menu to choose from many useful “bootable” tools . On this drive I have: bootable Linux distros (Slitaz, and Ubuntu), Gparted Live, DBAN, Ghost floppy images, AVG Live, EaseUS Disk Copy, Windows Password Breaker, and Memtest86+. All of these things allow me to fix just about any problem I come across when diagnosing computer OS malfunction or Virus intrusion.

The Portable Apps

I have also included tons of portable windows applications on this drive so that I can fix issues within the os environment. These include everything from text editors, to web browsers, to command prompts, to remote desktop applications, to defragmentation software, to FTP clients, to process managers, my personal scripts, and lots more. Along with being used as a regular flash drive, my Victorinox USB drive is my number one tool when it comes to fixing computer issues. I can fix and diagnose hardware failure, software malfunctions, virus intrusions, and even provide remote assistance using my Flash Knife. I hope that someone out there with money and power will recognize what an amazing tool this Flash Knife can become once you include a little code, software, and effort. All in all this is one of my favorite Projects.